Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why the Inca Empire fell

The Incas never wanted to fight.They were very peaceful.They usually sent a representative when they want to take over another tribe.That's how they often got more territory and their tribe expanded.When other tribes joined their tribe they had to believe in everything the Incas believed in.they would have to build a temple in to show they believed in their gods.Rulers would get items from his people to see that they honor him.Then if somebody didn't want their protection they would kill them. Francisco came with 160 men,but the Inca ruler didn't care he didn't think it as a threat.He didn't know that Francisco was Cortes' friend.Then Francisco told the Inca ruler if they can meet and they agreed to it and Francisco was waiting for him with his 160 men with weapons.Francisco won because they had weapons and the ruler didn't.The reason Francisco did that was because he wanted gold.So the ruler gave him gold so he would let him go,but he didn't he tricked him.Later then the empire fell.